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eGlobal Systems Inc

Looking for: Channel partner/reseller, partnership

eGlobal Systems specializes in DBMS (Database Management System) by providing high performance DB encryption solutions. They have extensive experience in database security, management, and tuning. Their clients include high profile companies such as Hyundai, Samsung, Volkswagen, ING Insurance as well as Korea's Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Main Product:

  • CubeOne
    • Encrypts data by column, not the entire table
    • Allows index search for encrypted column
    • Manages large volume of data with average function degradation under 5%
    • Separate access can be assigned to DB and security administrator

Ahope Co.,Ltd

Looking for: Business development, Partnership, production development team of game development companies

AHOPE Co.,Ltd.

Looking for: Business development, Partnership, production development team of game development companies.

Ahope is a mobile network security expert group, specializing in cryptography, PKI systems development and network-related security system development. They provide solutions, such as mobile platform protection, secure corporation networks, and security consulting penetration tests.

Main Product:

  • APP Shields
    • Protects mobile app from reverse engineering and detects forgery
    • Protects mobile app from security threats using apk-shield and ipa-shield
    • Self-monitors the integrity of its own app through two-way authentication using pureapp
    • Monitors history and status of security issues reports whenever there is a threat of forgery
    • Supports Android, iOS and Unity


Looking for: Cloud solutions, FinTech marketing, business model cooperation, data backup solutions, security solutions

Data Soft specializes in consulting and development of data related solutions. Their services include data backup, server virtualization and security solutions for big data and cloud platform. They also provide 24/7 technical support in clustering, file and DB sharing, data backup and data loss prevention (DLP) consulting.

Main Products:

  • Big data. Cloud. Security
    • Data backup, cloud center, server virtualization, security solutions, clustering, file and DB sharing, DLP in big data and cloud platform
  • FinTech
    • Finance technology, social media and mobile payments

JiNi Co., Ltd

Looking for: Banks, restaurants

JiNi is a mobile payment service solution developer. JiNi Pay, a wearable POS, was awarded Certificate of New Excellent Technology (NET) by Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2015.

Main Products:

  • JiNi Pay
    • First global wearable POS watch or scarf pendant
    • Acquired EMV L1 and L2 Certificates
    • Bluetooth OS: iOS, Android, Windows
  • JiNi Order
    • Electronic restaurant order system, which allows customers to order/cancel order using tablet
    • Electronically manages orders, sales, etc.
    • Can be used with JiNi Pay

TrueCut Security, Inc.

Looking for: Strategic marketing, new product developers of IT security companies

TrueCut Security develops and manufactures cyber security software to protect against Trojan horses, cyber attacks, data breaches and ransom attacks in real time. TrojanCut uses TrueCut Security's patented human-interaction based COA (Cut On Active) algorithm.

Main Product:

  • TrojanCut
    • Protects against Trojan horses in real time using Cut On Active algorithm
    • Protect against data breaches, ransom attacks, DDoS attacks, data destruction and monitors all outbound traffic


Looking for: Fellow robot companies

Robocare, the first venture company financed by Korea Institute of Science and Technology, holds 7 patents in the field of intelligent robotics and intelligent robotic services. They develop robotic hardware and software for education, entertainment and the elderly.

Main Products:

  • Intelligent Companion Robot "Silbot-3"
    • Provides elder care services
    • Effective for English language instruction and college tutoring
  • Companion Robot "Mero-3"
    • Interacts with people using colorful facial expressions, real time lip sync and easy motion creation based on Motions Editor
    • Effective for providing public information, education and emotional interaction


Looking for: Distributors, sales representatives

Cimient develops, manufactures and supplies door lock components such as tubular, cylinder and reduction motors. They also developed a smart lock that can be connected to a WiFi communication device using their own patented Globalnology - Synchronized Orthogonal Multi Polarization Antenna.

Main Products:

  • Wireless Bridge System (Digital Door lock Components)
    • Zoom Tubular, Cylinder and smart lock
    • Globalnology Antenna transmits up to 200 km
  • Wi-Fi AP System Reduction Motor
    • Small geared motor is equipped with clutch slip-structure and secure power consumption

Seahyun Co.,Ltd

Looking for: Electric car related companies (electric car maker, electric charging or parking control system for protecting EMI/EMC)

Seahyun specializes in optical communications systems and bio-3D printing. Their optical communication system uses glass and plastic optical fiber to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI/EMC) as well as physical security problems. They also developed bio-3D printing material using bio-ICT convergence technology. Their product, Bio ink, is composed of stem cells from plants and humans as well as hybrid polymer (Hydrogel).

Main Products:

  • Optical Transmission System with GOF & POF
    • Plastic and glass hybrid L2 switch up to 1Gbps at 50m, with SI-POF and optolock. POF Media converter and USB
    • Glass optical ring industrial L2 Switch for green buildings
  • Bio-Ink Material for Bio-3D Printing
    • Bio-Ink materials from plant based stem cell and hydrogel compound used with 3D printing for medical regeneration of organs and injuries and anti-aging


Looking for: Engineering, acrchitecture, interior design companies

AMADAS produces smart handle electronic door locks for the DIY market. Smart handles work on all doors and installation is simple, allowing owners easy access to smart technology.

Main Products:

  • Touch Lever Lock: recharge by smartphone flashlight
    • 100% hard stainless steel/DIY - easy Installation
    • Dual type switch, touch sensor, gloved and wet hands-bottom switch, auto recognition algorithm
    • IOT, beacon lever lock

Woorin Co., Ltd

Looking for: Distributors, sales representatives

Woorin has developed and manufactured the thinnest and lightest Bluetooth keyboard with their patented technology. It uses a combination of semi-conductor and nanomaterial engineering. Moving beyond pre-existing "membrane" and "pentagraph" types, Woorin developed new keyboard technologies and deployment of wearable devices.

Main Products:

  • Wekey
    • Thinnest (2.5 mm) and the lightest (150 g) wireless Bluetooth keyboard
    • Supports multi-pairing function which allows operation of 3 devices with 1 keyboard
    • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices supporting Windows, iOS, and Android
    • Lithium polymer battery lasts up to 270 hours
  • Tablet Stand/Pouch
    • Stores Wekey keyboard and any tablet under 10''. Can also be used as a tablet stand

JnK Science Co.,Ltd

Looking for: Dry Cell buyer, innovative/IT products distributor and investment company

JnK Science develops and manufactures innovative, eco-friendly products for IT and IoT sectors. Their latest product, Monster Battery, is a rechargeable battery that charges by plugging a USB cable into the side of the battery.

Main Products:

  • Monster Battery (rechargeable USB Battery)
    • Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries that recharge by plugging USB cable into battery
    • Rechargeable up to 500 times
    • Compatible with all USB cables
  • Wireless Charging Battery & Wireless Pad Charger
    • Reaches to a distance of 5 cm based on three-dimensional magnetic resonance of the A4WP type
    • Compatible with any battery powered device


Looking for: Telecommunication company, tablet/cell phone manufacturer, distributors

Heabora developed wireless Bluetooth earbuds called RippleBuds, featuring built-in noise-blocking microphone and clear sound. The built-in microphone eliminates all environmental noise, making conversations clear and improving voice recognition on services like Siri.

Main Product:

  • RippleBuds
    • Wireless Bluetooth earbuds with built-in microphone
    • Stereo and Mono Ripplebuds

Graphene Square

Looking for: Distributors, sales representatives

Graphene Square Inc. is a pioneer in the commercialization of graphene material and graphene films for use as a transparent conductor and in other electronic applications for both rigid and flexible electronics market. They hold 58 graphene related patents and are spearheading the advancement of graphene related technologies.

Main Product:

  • Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis Systems
    • TCVD equipment for R&D in graphene applications and other 2D materials
    • IP Licensing & Consulting


Looking for: Distributors, sales representatives

Partron develops and manufactures smart technology to improve user's health. Smart Band and Smart Thermometer monitor activity, temperature and heart rate. Partron has applied for FDA and CE certificates.

Main Products:

  • Smart Band
    • Monitors heart rate, activity, calories, temperature, barometer
    • Three modes (Urban / Extreme / Measure)
  • Smart Thermometer
    • Monitors body temperature with earbud device

TRAIS Co., Ltd

Looking For: Smartphone manufacturers

TRAIS Co., Ltd. provides touch screen and mobile flash modules for mobile and large applications. They manufacture mobile touch screen modules, digitizer modules with palm rejection capabilities, using their own internationally patented technologies. They also produce flexible and fine touch modules at competitive prices to clients including LG, SAMSUNG, Sony and Hyundai Motors. Main Product :
  • T-digitizer with stylus pen
    • World's first digitizer module without PCB sensor board
    • With patents for state-of-the-art digitizer technology and manufacturing system
    • Pen gradient measurable digitizer module
    • Middle distance Hovering Size: 30 inches
    • Digitizing method: Capacitive Panel with Passive Pen
    • 70% cheaper than W-company module (including the stylus pen)
    • Implemented in the capacitance-type TSM with a fine pitch
    • Palm signal rejection only by hardware function
    • Low power technology (80% lesser than EMR type W-company module)


Looking for: Healthcare distributors

Soso H&C develops wearable devices and apps measuring multi-biometric signals for next generation healthcare service, mental health research to prevent and treat ADHD, dementia and depression, and user emotion customized IoT and Smart Home services.

Main Products:

    • Brain wave: Device measures 256 brain signals per second from left and right brain and then analyzes concentration, stress and balance of left and right brain
  • T-Coach App
    • Analyzes brain rate and stress
    • Provides customized user health condition solutions

Fit.Life Inc.

Looking for: Electronics distributors

Fit.Life develops products and solutions to improve healthcare. Fitmeter creates a customized exercise program based on users health conditions and the American College of Sports Medicine exercise guide.

Main Product:

  • Fitmeter
    • Monitors activity and creates customized health program
    • Fits on wrist, ankle, waist or in pocket

Donut System LSI

Looking for: Wearable device distributor and R&D

Donut System develop and manufacture the world's first revolutionary smartphone-based portable body fat analyzer that can be linked with Bluetooth communication device using their own patented technology.

Main Product:

  • iLucir' Bluetooth 4.0
    • Four-finger electrode device that can be connected to a smartphone
    • Uses app to measure body fat mass, muscle mass and BMI in less than a minute
    • High accuracy (99.8%) compared to other body composition devices used in gym

Danuon Corp.

Looking for: Game publishing company

Danuon develops products to improve quality of life for blind people. Mobile rhythm action game makes smartphone games accessible and wearable braille navigation can help the blind walk or exercise outside.

Main Products:

  • Mobile Rhythm Action Game & Wearable Braille Navigation
    • Linked to the mobile games on the smartphone, making games accessible to the blind
    • Increases mobility and outdoor exercise

SPACOSA Corporation

Looking for: Platform business in transportation

Spacosa developed a platform that provides real time location information to ensure safety of loved ones and products. Tracking device can be worn by pets, elders, children and attached to valuable possessions. Real time information is sent to smartphone.

Main Products:

  • FAMY
    • Famy is a smartphone app that tracks location between smartphones. It uses a combination of Wi-Fi and GPS
  • LINK
    • iBeacon allows location tracking without a smartphone or internet data. Using the FAMY app and LINK device at the same time allows monitoring the location of people and valuables
    • Real time locating system that uses beacon, scanner and smartphone. It identifies precise location


Looking for: Platform business, joint R&D, new business models

Immersive Korea provides location based services called Geofence.  The service is a technology that allows an organization to select a geographic point using latitude and longitude information and then to create a virtual "fence" around that point of a given radius. When customers/students/patients enter or exit a geofence, the device receives a generated notification. It has many uses and potential as a marketing tool as well as response to emergencies or natural disasters.

Main Products:

  • Smart City Service using Geofencing Technology
    • Sends emergency alerts to smartphones within the selected grid of geofence (ex: code amber, tsunami alert)
  • O2O Service using Geofencing Technology
    • O2O (Online to Offline) Service attracts potential customers within 100m radius of a store by providing coupons, discounts and ads

Companies of offering O/S: Google, Apple, etc.

Telecommunication Companies: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.

IT companies: CA technologies, etc.

Haeden Bridge.,Ltd

Looking for: Telecommunication company, carriers

Haeden Bridge provides video communication software systems They've developed platforms supporting global scale immersive telecommunication on PC, iOS and Android, including first ever Multiple Voice Activated Switching and Virtual Reality on Video Communication technology.

Main Product:

    • Allows 60 live video participants and more than 1000 connections in a video session for PC, iOS and Android


Looking for: Office supplies distributors

SMART B2M CO., Ltd is leading South Korean company that develops an OCR (optical character recognition) relative product with our own domestic technologies and deals in the product online and offline. They supply the human resource (or business cards) management system to public organizations,enterprises, and universities. SMART B2M is also developing the solution for real-time lecture translation jointly with the ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) for overseas students, they planning on providing this solution to universities starting next year. Main Product:
  • Business Network System
    • Business Network System to support and effectively manage business contacts through platform of customer information DB 


Looking for: Broadcasting companies and stations

KOKKOS is a total entertainmentent based ICT providing audio cartoon. They provide services in audio comicbook, comicbook based creative musical and sound editing.

Main Product:

  • Audio Comicbook
    • Contents of the comic books (Sound & Sound Effects) & the motions (Visual Effects) is a new way to increase the fun and liveliness of the comic books.
    • Audio cartoon will be spreaded to end user by platform companies(Telecoms, portal, professional e-comic book site, IPTV, cable TV etc.) have already contracted.
  • Musicals bsaed on comicbook
    • Based on the 13,000 e-comic books owned by KOKKOS, creative musicals are created by professionals from the music industry
    • Contents of the musical can be provided to 2nd end users through various platform companies KOKKOS has already contracted


Looking for: System integrators, BI solution and service providers, banks, insurance, credit card industry

DataStreams offers comprehensive data management solutions for big data management and analytics including data integration, unified big data platform, and data governance for data-driven business innovation.

Main Products:

  • TeraStream BASS
    • Big data processing and storage based on in-memory indexing technology
    • Data collection speed 10-15 Gbps
    • Data can be stored in Memory Cluster and HDFS (Hadroop Distributed File System)

Big 52

Looking for: Sports related business

Big52 uses IoT manufacturing technology to provide big data analysis solution. Big52 also developed Big SASS, a decision making system based on big data analysis that improves the performance of soccer teams.

Main Product:

  • Big SASS - Big data Sports Analysis and Strategy System
    • Big SASS IOT Sensor collects data
    • Analyzes accuracy of the movements of the players and the ball
    • Makes the best decision based on big data

IT Telecom Co.,Ltd

Looking for: IT and Security Companies

IT Telecom (ITT) is a leading ITS (Intelligent Transport System) solutions company in Korea, specializing in DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology. ITT has provided ITS systems (DSRC RSE & OBU) for many metropolitan cities in Korea and developed the next generation ITS communication technology, WAVE (Wireless Access in Vehicle Environment).  ITT is excited to launch WAVE V2X radio environment test equipment and prototype product that will come out at end of this year.

Main Products:

    • Wirelessly transmits data and video up to 200 km
    • Uses the IEEE 802.11 a/n wireless standard and 5 GHz ISM Band Frequency
    • WPA/WPA2 (WPA-PSK, WPA-EAP), Mac filtering, TKIP, Tunneling and VP

Wow Venture

Looking for: Corporate operated cafeterias

WOW Venture created a response based mobile application, MUGLAU, to determine the efficiency of company cafeterias. The use of MUGLAU is expected to result in 50% reduction of food waste and waste disposal costs.

Main Product:

    • Delivers information about cafeteria menu to users, collects their opinions and accurately forecasts the amount of food that will be consumed
    • Based on user data of food preferences, provides DB management service that can be linked to SNS
    • Can be easily linked/expanded to other platforms (food, concerts, events)

Art and Technology Holdings

Looking for: contents provider, food tech company, mobile reservation system company

As mobile S/W development specialist, Art and Technology Holdings' business areas range from software development to consulting services, new media business, contents production and service. Art and Technology Holdings started the world's first "Reservation Payment Voucher" service and developed other mobile services for face recognition, fashion magazines and travel magazines.

Main Products:

  • Captionator
    • Offers subtitles-sharing service on your smartphone
  • VIKI
    • Provides a market for subtitle community, VIKI is the first service to be on mobile
  • Gormey
    • Most reliable food and dining guide with over 28,000 highly acclaimed restaurant recommendations. Currently available in San Francisco, New York, LA, Chicago and Seattle


Looking for: IT Service providers, solution developer with focus on Cloud Service Platform, enterprises and IT vendors

Ilaopen developed S/W solutions to provide best integrated IT and Data Management services for Cloud Services using solutions from MS, IBM, VMWare , Lenovo and etc. Their latest solution "nTree” offers cloud services in various areas for enterprises and Ilaopen would like to partner with Cloud Service Providers. Main Product:
  • nTree
    • Offers cloud services in various areas extending virtual desktop infrastructure environment using hypervisor and cloud infrastructure, physical server, logical server, middleware, web server and application


Looking for: IT & security companies serving enterprises with cloud storage solution, provider of EMC's Isilon storage solution to adopt Securage as add-on feature, government, banks, defense contractor

Pspace provides a scale-out Storage and Cloud Storage Platform service using a POSIX-compatible Distributed File System for De-duplication, Hybrid-tiering, Disaster Reocvery and etc. Securage is add-on feature for storage system with Data-Leak-Prevention technology and can be easily applied to Isilon by EMC, widely used by government agencies and banks.

Main Products:

  • InfiniStor: Scale-Out NAS Storage System
    • POSIX -compatible distributed file system mainly used for Scale-Out NAS Storage systems
  • Securage: DLP enabled NAS Storage System
    • Securage is world's first Data Leak Prevention (DLP) enabled NAS System

Twinword Inc.

Looking for: Contents management solution providers, marketers

Twinword is a software company focused on developing APIs that analyze and understand human input and online behavioral patterns. Twinword developed a wide range of APIs for word graph dictionary, e-commerce recommendations, document topic detection, and more through a combination of natural language processing, machine learning, and advanced API.

Main Products:

  • Twinword Finder: Chrome Extension
    • Semantic search tool for browsers
    • Reduces search time by providing related search results based on searcher's intent and the contextual meaning of terms
    • Results are returned in highlighted paragraphs
  • Language Processing API
    • Human text understanding API for developers: Word Associations, Topic Tagging, Category Recommendation, Sentiment Analysis


Looking for: Cloud service providers

Cloud4u is a leading Cloud Software Company with rich experience in cloud software and service development. Founder of the company had developed major portion of software and service of “KT ucloud” which is leading Cloud Company in Korea. Based on this experience, Cloud4u is currently take part in research and development of PaaS software for government. The core software and service of Cloud4u is orchestration of multiple cloud. Currently, the software supports AWS(Amazon), KT(Cloudstack), and Openstack. Main Products:
  • Cloud Atlas - Cloud Designer
    • Visual design software for cloud user
    • Various cloud resource can be drag and drop or select and drop to blueprint
    • User can deploy and manage his/her cloud from Visual design
    • Support multiple cloud platform stencils, AWS, OpenStack, and KT(CloudStack)
  • Cloud Chamber - Cloud Orchestrator
    • Multi Cloud orchestrator, which deploy cloud to multiple cloud platform such as AWS, OpenStack and KT
    • Using its own descriptive language, chamber can expand to any cloud service platform
    • Can coordinate with existing orchestration service such as AWS cloudformation and OpenStack Heat
    • With Atals, cloud user can easily design and deploy cloud to any cloud platform


Looking for: Curriculum development and strategy department of language institutes, education related VC

Divii is a software development company operating from different parts of the world like India, South Korea and others. It is presently involved in the development of DIVII and English video dictionary app.

Main Product:

  • Divii - English Video Dictionary
    • Unlimited Video Dictionary: find video examples for words/phrases from YouTube with Divii's world's first search engine
    • Curated videos: watch interesting videos with Divii's unique video player with language learning features
    • Personalized history: includes all previous searches
    • Educational Contents: learning from every country's most respected teachers


Looking for: Product developement, test analizing department, strategy alkiance department of educational institution

Victony develops educational apps for teachers and students. TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) Checker allows students to mark their answers on the app instead of OMR paper and get automatic grading service. ACADEMY Checker eliminates unnecessary grading time for teachers and helps them manage students' grades efficiently.

Main Products:

  • ACADEMY Checker
    • Helps teachers manage grading and student progress
  • TOEIC Checker
    • App allows testers to mark on app and get automatic grading service


Looking for: Education related VC to learn about the local venture culture and status, MOOC lecturer

CEMWARE has developed MathFreeOn. This SaaS, Math FreeOn is based on Cloud Technology. People can write scripts to solve engineering problem, anywhere, on any device without hassles of installing software. MathFreeOn launched a beta version early this year and over 20,000 people used the service.

Main Product:

  • MathFreeOn
    • Script based Mathematical Data Analysis online service
    • MathFreeOn service provides many university level examples
    • MatLab Code compatible : users can check results of scripts anywhere and anytime with any device

Genius Factory Inc.

Looking for: HR deaprtment fo any comapny that need staff training manuals, marketing department, sales department to introduce GPAC for thier inner system

Genius Factory is an ed-tech venture company commercializing ‘GPAC’, a Neo mind map-based education system authoring tool.GPAC mind map is an info-graphic tool intuitively customizable to users’ choices and learning levels.

Main Product:

  • GPAC
    • Recognizes and connects knowledge, allowing users to see the relationships between individual pieces of information
    • Integrates mind maps with multimedia
    • Can embed images, audio, video, SNS, notes, and search features
    • Fully customizable so every user can edit the content to see only the information that is relevant to them


Looking for: software developer, marketing department of education company, curriculum development department of education center, cloud service companies

Codigm provides a development environment in the cloud that allows developers to get started with coding immediately and collaborate with their coworkers easily if they are allowed access to any web browsers. They have developed a cloud coding service called Goorm (means cloud in Korean) which allows users to develop and learn SW anytime, anywhere at a moment’s notice.

Main Product:

  • Goorm IDE
    • Allows direct access to a development environment through your web browser from anywhere and at any time
    • Supports a range of programming languages and a consistent development environment
    • Enables building, debugging and running online to improve concentration
    • Ensures compatibility with existing development environments (i.e., GIT and Subversion)
  • Goorm EDU
    • Facilitates the development of educational/teaching materials (i.e., allows the use of existing educational resources, supports PDF and SlideShare.net and provides features for the development of new materials)
    • Provides a range of software learning environments (all languages available)
    • Features Instructor Mode for effective student management (student and record management), programming test service, automatic grading and source code similarity test

Classting Inc.

Looking for: Investment, Venture Capital

Classting was launched as social network service for schools. Classting is used by 2M users and more than 200,000 classes in Korea. Based on this successful traction, Classting has raised $4.5 million from Softbank ventures and partners' investment. Now Classting is trying to expand its business to US, Japan, China and Taiwan with global members and partnerships with local universities such as UCLA CRESST. Classting wants to create not only a social network service but also social based adaptive learning platform.

Main Product:

  • Educational communication tool and learning platform