Nov 02, 2015

Alpha, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering and bonding materials, will be a Gold Level Sponsor for the Global Summit for Advanced Manufacturing (GSAM) event for the second year in a row. This unique event, created for manufacturers, by manufacturers, and of manufacturers, comes to Santa Clara, CA on November 13th (co-located with K-TECH Silicon Valley, which starts on November 12).

GSAM was established to explore practical solutions for today’s most pressing manufacturing challenges. Under the shared theme with K-TECH, “Automated Future: Human + Technology”, GSAM will feature case study-based presentations, networking opportunities and one-on-one individual meeting sessions in collaboration with K-TECH on how to leverage today’s successfully developed and manufactured products to yield viable solutions for the emerging manufacturing leaders of tomorrow.

“We are excited to showcase industry and academic leaders in manufacturing for GSAM 2015”, said GSAM co-chair Dr. Gene Kim of Alpha. “The co-location with K-TECH Silicon Valley will showcase ideas and implementations in the area of materials, displays, automobiles, robotics, wearables, and automation, just to name a few.”

“The topic selected for this year’s GSAM is considered one of the greatest megatrends that we will experience for the next five years. Its ability to deliver on the optimistic projections is highly dependent on the delivery of numerous manufacturing innovations. GSAM coupled with the robust attendance of past K-TECH Silicon Valley events provides an environment to nurture creativity and collaboration to catalyze manufacturing innovations. I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues and to establishing new partners at GSAM 2016.” says GSAM co-chair Dr. Dan Gamota of Jabil Circuit.

“We are very excited – not only to hear from the presenters at GSAM, but to interact with them through networking opportunities with Korean companies at K-TECH to further collaborate and manufacture better products for the Creative Economy future.” adds Mr. ChangYup Na, General Manager of KOTRA Silicon Valley.

“Last year’s GSAM was an outstanding event and illustrated how advanced manufacturing is tied together across industries. Attendees expressed strong support for continuing GSAM as it provided them with examples and solutions for manufacturing challenges that are not otherwise discussed outside facility walls. Additionally, GSAM can become a platform for meeting other manufacturers facing similar challenges”, adds Michael Ciesinski, President of FlexTech Alliance.